SIGRAD2016 regular conference fee covers:

  • Attendance of conference delegates to all sessions of the conference
  • Pass to the Gotland Game Conference (GGC)
  • Conference material
  • A copy of the conference proceedings
  • Coffee breaks
  • Welcome Party at the Cafeteria

Authors are requested to register before 26th of April, the same day as camera-ready submission.

(Before 3rd May)

(Before 19th, May.)

(SEK or Euro)

Member (#)

1,000 SEK

1,200 SEK

1,200 SEK


1,100 SEK

1,200 SEK

1,200 SEK

Undergraduate and Master Student (##)

100 SEK

100 SEK

100 SEK

Student attendance only




(#) Member of Eurographics, SIGRAD and The Society for Art and Science will require your membership number when you get the Coference Material at the Registration site.
(##) STUDENT REGISTRATION: Undergraduate and Master level students may attend the conference and present for the heavily discounted fee of 100 SEK. In the latter case, they must be the first author on the paper, implying that a significant amount of the work has been conducted by a student. University identification cards will be requested at the time of registration in order to provide proof of student status. Note that this offer does not include any provision beyond basic conference attendance i.e. welcome party fee is not included. => We include the students to welcome party.

How to Register

The conference registration fee can be paid either by bank transfer of Swedish Krone or at the conference venue with credit card (cash is not accepted).

In both cases, you should email the organizers ( and to signal your intention to register, including your details and intended method of payment.

Credit Card

You can pay on the conference venue with credit card (no cash money) at the reception of Campus Gotland. Please don’t forget to email to the organizers ( and to signal your intention to register to the conference.

Bank Transfer

In the case of a bank transfer, please ensure that the transfer reaches the bank account before Friday 19th of May so that we have time to process it. The transfer details for the SIGRAD2016 payment are:

Plusgiro: 69169-1
IBAN: SE21 9500 0099 6034 0069 1691
Bank account holder:  Uppsala University
Bank address: Nordea Bank AB, Box 940, 75109, UPPSALA
Please write “Sigrad” and your name on the bank transfer.

If you conduct a bank transfer, you should inform the organizers by sending an email to and with the following subject line and body text:

Subject line: SIGRAD2016 Registration via bank transfer for <insert your name>
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Postal Address
4. Institute and country
5. Eurographics membership status and number
6. Student category (Master, undergraduate), where applicable
7. Bank transfer details (date, amount, reference)