Past conferences

SIGRAD is the premier Nordic forum for computer graphics and visualization advances for academia and industry. It brings together researchers and practitioners with interest in techniques, tools, and technology from various fields, such as visualization, computer graphics, visual analytics and human-computer interaction.

Swedish history of Computer Graphics

39th, 2015  Stockholm
38th, 2014  Göteborg
37th, 2013  Norrkoping
36th, 2012  Växjö
35th, 2011  KTH
34th, 2010  Västeräs
33rd, 2009  Göteborg
32nd, 2008  Stockholm
31st, 2007  Stockholm
30th, 2006  Skövde
29th, 2005  Kårhuset
28th, 2004  Gävle
27th, 2003  Umeå
26th, 2002  Norrköping
25th, 2001  RIT
24th, 2000  Linköping

====== Before 2000 (1st – 23rd)  ==================================

Miniconference April, 1977, KTH: software presented was GINO-F, GPGS-F, GCS, GD3, DISSPLA, COLOR, PLAM
Miniconference April, 1978, KTH: GIS, with speakers from Lunds Tekniska hogskola, KTH/fotogrammertri, Statens lantmateriverk, Jacobson & Widmark, K-konsult, VIAK and Centralnamnden for fastighetsdata
Miniconference March, 1980, Skelleftea: CAD-systems, local activity
SIGRAD81 December, Esso Motor Hotel, Jarva Krog: Survey of computer graphics with a focus on software and the experience of the use of software.
SIGRAD82 December, Stockholm, Interaction, Colour and Ergonomy
SIGRAD83 Trygg-Hansa, Stockholm, Picture/image output, transfer, and storage. Among speakers: Mikael Jern, Yngve Sundblad, Program committee: Mikael Jern, Lars Kjelldahl, Brita Larson, Anna Holst Course, March, 1984, Andries van Dam, together with Paralog, two day course Course, 1984, Jose Encarnacao, GKS, survey of computer graphics
SIGRAD84 December, Stockholm Convention Center, Program committee: Sten Kallin, Lars Kjelldahl, Anna Holst. Theme: text and image, Among speakers: David Duce, Pete Harrison, Jan Winblad, Jan Johansson, Jerker Lundequist, Astrid Sampe, Veine Johansson, Staffan Romberger, Sten Carlqvist
SIGRAD85 December, Stockholm Convention Center, two one day courses and a two day conference on computer graphics with state of the art and trends, Among speakers: Dale Sutcliffe, Two courses were given (tutorial on computer graphics; standard introduction)
SIGRAD86 Inhouse publishing, Silja Line, conference on the boat with a trip between Stockhom and Helsinki (and back)
SIGRAD87 Computer Graphics with a message . image and text, Silja Line, conference on the boat with a trip between Stockhom and Abo (and back)
SIGRAD88 Kiruna, Interaction and GIS
SIGRAD89 Electrum, Kista, Object oriented methods, architectural applications, interaction
SIGRAD90 IBM Forum, VR . computer graphics is changing
SIGRAD91 SUN, Kista, Graphical User Interfaces
SIGRAD92 KTH, Computer graphics and planning of resources
SIGRAD93 Linkoping, animation course, interest groups (VR, education, art, animation, etc)
SIGRAD94 Nacka Forum, Living pictures, visualization, with among others Judy Brown and Paul Rea
SIGRAD95 Nacka Forum, Visualization, animation and interaction in Windows, invited speakers were Martin Gobel and Ian Currington
SIGRAD96 Nacka Forum, web graphics, including talks onSpotfire and AVS/UNIRAS
SIGRAD97 Graphics on web, Nacka Forum, Stockholm
SIGRAD98 3D Visualization
SIGRAD99 Stockholm, KTH, 3D Graphics on the Net Facing