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We connect researchers and industry professionals interested in the areas of computer graphics, visualization, and human-computer interaction, as well as related fields.



The Swedish Computer Graphics Association was founded in 1976. The association's mission is to be a meeting point for researchers and industry professionals who are interested in computer graphics and adjacent areas, such as visualization and human-computer interaction. In recent years, the association's activities focused on the organization of the annual conference which attracts a large number of participants. The rapid development of computer graphics technologies and the acknowledged need for visual computing solutions has led to a growing interest in graphical computing in both commercial and academic areas.

SIGRAD 2016 in Visby


In 2016 the annual SIGRAD (the Swedish Chapter of Eurographics) conference will take place in Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Visby. This year's conference will be organized by Hans Svensson, Steven Bachelder, Masaki Hayashi and Masayuki Nakajima from the Department of Game Design, Uppsala University. The conference dates are May 23 and 24, 2016. Conference website: http://sigrad.se/sigrad2016/

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